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On 23 June Scotland, emphatically and beyond doubt, and in every community from Shetland to Stranraer voted to Remain within the European Union.

We shared platforms up and down the nation in more meetings than we can remember with decent folk from all politics and none, Labour, Greens, LibDems and Tories, putting aside our differences to work on what we agree are Scotland's best interests.

A lot of decent thoughtful people in our independence referendum in 2014 voted No because they were told that the only way to ensure EU status was to stick with the UK. They are now feeling even more thoughtful. A lot of people across the EU, especially in politics, didn't quite get the *why* we want independence. They do now.

We have a lot of thinking to do in the next while, but first and foremost we need to reassure our friends and neighbours that nothing will change overnight and nobody should feel unwelcome or insecure in Scotland.

Having access to facts and reality about how Scotland in Europe works has never been more important. We will ensure this site remains active and engaged.

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Alyn Smith MEP & Ian Hudghton MEP