Trade and Jobs

This is one of the most important reasons Scotland should remain in the EU.

EU trade means real jobs in communities up and down Scotland.  The Scottish Government set this figure at around 300,000 jobs.[1]

Yes, alternatives to EU membership could be found but the bottom line is simple: Scotland needs to remain a member of the common market and, if we want any say over the rules that govern that market, we need to be in the EU.

The EU is made up of around 500 million citizens and is the world’s largest single common market.[2]  It currently accounts for 22.9% of world GDP making it even larger than the USA.[3] 

Scotland takes full advantage of its EU membership. Just under one half of all trade (42%) from Scotland was with other EU member states in 2014, with a total value of £11.6 billion.[4]


Table of top trade destinations within the EU.[5]

Did you know?

Although the largest single nation with which Scotland trades is the USA, trade with the EU is worth 2.5 times as much.[6]

 All this trade, and all these jobs, are at risk if Scotland is removed from the EU.