Tourism and Health Insurance

Tourism is an obvious advantage open to Scots.  We can all get on a flight, train, boat or drive and easily, without visas, travel anywhere in Europe. Budget airlines have flourished because of the EU single market and competition rules, taking Scots to other countries and bringing tourists to us.[1] Continue reading

The Right to work in Europe

Free trade must be fair, and must work for people, not just businesses.   The EU single market rules are underpinned by a strong core of social rights, both for workers and for people in general: to promote their general welfare, to facilitate freedom of movement by ensuring that accrued rights are portable and can travel with you to another country, and to prevent unscrupulous employers from exploiting national differences to undercut working conditions and the standard of living.  Continue reading

Freedom of Movement

Scots often have many identities. The Independence movement has always been comfortable with this and openly embraced it.  Campaign organisations such as English Scots for Yes or Poles for Yes illustrate this particularly well but Scotland has also long been part of a European framework. Scottish communities have, for hundreds of years, made their homes in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Germany and Poland to name just a few. Continue reading