Why should I want all of our laws to be made in Brussels?

You shouldn't, and they aren't.

The SNP believes in power being as close to people as possible, and we have always argued that only those decisions that have to be taken at EU level should be taken at EU level. 

There are an awful lot of assertions made about how many laws agreed in the EU make it into domestic law.  Indeed, the origins of many of the stories come from a speech by former Commission President Jacques Delors who stated, in July 1988, that within ten years 80% of economic legislation would be of EU origin.[1]

He was wrong.

Currently, in the UK, around 15% of laws come from the EU or have an EU influence and a similar figure applies to regulations.[2] The UK is not an exception; in recent years research has shown that Jacques Delors was wrong across Europe, both inside and outside the Eurozone:

  • 10% of French laws are directly transposing EU directives, while 25% of them included elements of EU origin;[3]
  • 9.6% of all primary and secondary laws in Denmark had an EU origin.[4]

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