Doesn't red tape from the EU damage Scottish businesses?


EU regulations actually make life easier.  Regulation is essential for a market to function and many of the laws agreed across the EU would have to be passed  nationally if they weren’t dealt with in Brussels.  Obviously, there are things we could reform, but for some people to say that the EU creates laws that otherwise would not be there is entirely wrong.

Many of those who attack "red tape" are actually attacking rules that protect workers, the environment or consumers.  At their most basic, EU rules make goods and services safe; something we in Scotland would want to do anyway.  By making such decisions at an EU level, companies only need to look at one rule book, not 28 different ones.


The UK has the second least regulated product market in the developed world. The lowest is the Netherlands.[1] Since both are EU members, it is worth re-emphasising that it clearly isn’t the EU that is the cause of excessive regulation in Scotland, the UK or, indeed, other European countries.