Scotland in the EU

So what does Scotland have right now? Scotland has been an integral part of the EU for almost 50 years, a status that we now face losing. We are represented at every stage of the EU’s activities.

The recreation, in 1999, of the Scottish Parliament and the formation of a Scottish Government gave Scotland a far stronger voice within the EU, and has allowed the people of Scotland to find Scottish solutions for Scottish problems and design a society that reflects our needs.

This has led to Scotland showing how very European it really is. We stand alongside the rest of Northern Europe by not privatising healthcare, encouraging the development of renewable energy and not charging our citizens for higher education.


Did you know? 

Estimates in 2014 suggest that there were around 181,000 people in Scotland who had the nationality of another EU member state, which is around 3.4% of the overall population. When compared to the UK as a whole, Scotland has proportionally fewer EU nationals (UK wide, the figure is 4.9%).[1]