Scotland in Europe update 28th July 2017

So the cat is out of the bag. Remember how many of you were active in the campaign against TTIP (and a few folk even voted Leave over it)? Well, the UK Government is now cosying up to Donald Trump to secure just such a deal. Whereas the EU was accountable – and ultimately decided against such a deal because the US would not make concessions – the UK will simply sign up to it all. As I argued during the referendum campaign, at its heart the EU is a democratic organisation and TTIP could be (and was) rejected. The European Parliament has a binding vote on any such deal, as it will on the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU. Continue reading

Scotland in Europe Update: 21st July 2017

Well, the second round of negotiations are complete and the good news is that nobody stormed out. Unfortunately, that really is the end of the good news. The two big issues being negotiated were the financial settlement and EU citizens’ rights. On the first it was left to Michel Barnier, the EU’s Chief Negotiator, to point out that unless the UK clarifies its position talks will stall: “Comme je l'ai dit très clairement à David, une clarification de la position du Royaume-Uni est indispensable pour négocier et pour aboutir à des "progrès suffisants" sur ce dossier financier, qui est inséparable des autres dossiers du retrait.” (“As I said very clearly to David, a clarification of the UK’s position is indispensable for us to negotiate and for us to make sufficient progress on this financial dossier, which is inseparable for the other withdrawal dossiers”.) It seems remarkable that over a year after the vote, and on the first issue to be discussed, the UK simply doesn’t have a complete proposal! The reality is that unless the UK brings something substantive forward, the talks will stall simply because there is nothing to talk about. Continue reading

Scotland in Europe Update 14th July 2017

This has been a busy week in both Brussels and Westminster. Boris Johnson’s arrogant and ridiculous statement to the House of Commons that so far as honouring the UK’s financial commitments the EU could “Go whistle!” seems a long time ago. A few days later Michel Barnier’s rather dry response that: "I'm not hearing any whistling, just the clock ticking," seemed rather apt since by the end of the week the UK Government has conceded it will pay something. This reveals the process for the farce that it is. The worry is that it is too easy to just laugh at the madness and move on, but the dangers we face are far too serious for that. The Great Repeal Bill was published this week and is everything I feared it would be: Continue reading

Scotland in Europe Update 7th June 2017

Another week, another lie of the Leave campaign exposed for what it was. This time, it was the turn of the nonsense peddled about Turkey’s application to join the EU. My fellow MEPs and I passed a further report on Turkey’s application to join the EU. It re-stated our position to freeze all membership negotiations. For those of you interested, point 7 is the key line: “[The European Parliament] Recalls its position from November 2016 to freeze the accession process with Turkey;”  The full text is of the report is available here:   Continue reading

Scotland in Europe Update 30th June 2017

So, the UK has finally put forward its generous offer to EU citizens – so generous, it removes their rights. The major contention is that the UK is still refusing to accept the role of the European Court of Justice because the Government is listening to the militant Brexiteers of the UKIP and the Tory party rather than behaving rationally. Ultimately, as Michel Barnier the EU negotiator has said, the UK needs “more ambition, clarity and guarantees.” Continue reading

Scotland in Europe Update: 23rd June 2017

The negotiations have begun. I wondered how I'd feel watching the Tory minister negotiating away our future. Now I know. Angry. Scotland deserves better than this, as does the UK as a whole. Once again, we've seen that Tory Prime Ministers prioritise their own party's stability over all else. It's painfully clear that the UK Government is woefully under-equipped to speak up for our country in global negotiations. This was revealed as the UK caved to every single EU demand on day one. The promise from David Davis that the debate over the sequencing of negotiations would be "row of the summer" never emerged as he stood in the EU Commission press room announcing that he would follow the outline produced by the EU. Continue reading

Scotland in Europe Update 16th June 2017

The UK Government has decided to begin the negotiations to leave the EU next week: These negotiations will begin without a plan, in fact, almost without a government since it does not seem likely that a deal with the DUP will be concluded beforehand. Theresa May and David Davis are simply out of their depth but clearly intend to carry on regardless. This is not sustainable. As the anniversary of the votes to remain within the EU, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and leave the EU, in England and Wales, looms, I think we are closer than ever to seeing that the circle cannot be squared and the penny has to drop. Continue reading

Scotland in Europe update 9th June 2017

After a rollercoaster week in a rollercoaster year, I think it important to keep on and publish today's update. Brexit, whatever it may turn into, remains the defining issue of politics in these islands for the foreseeable future, and I remain at my post. The overnight election result has, I suspect, made it even more complex than it already was, and I will be in Strasbourg on Monday to continue our preparations as best we can. Continue reading

Scotland in Europe update 2nd June 2017

This week the EU quietly released two policy papers which lay out in great detail the EU 27’s stance on citizens’ rights and the financial settlement. The paper on essential principles on citizens' rights can be read here: and the paper on the essential principles on the financial settlement here: This includes a list of all the EU bodies for which the UK has some financial responsibility (including around 40 agencies). These show, once again the level of transparency that the EU is committed to. They also illustrate how well prepared the EU is for the negotiations ahead. The contrast to the UK’s ‘make it up as we go along’ stance could not be starker.   Continue reading

Scotland in Europe update 26th May 2017

  In a sad week, the outrage which took place in Manchester is almost beyond comprehension.  It goes without saying that our thoughts have been with the victims, their families and friends, and the emergency services.  Across the EU flags were lowered and people gathered to pay their respects and emphasise their solidarity: Continue reading