Tourism and Health Insurance

Tourism is an obvious advantage open to Scots.  We can all get on a flight, train, boat or drive and easily, without visas, travel anywhere in Europe. Budget airlines have flourished because of the EU single market and competition rules, taking Scots to other countries and bringing tourists to us.[1]

Again, this is a two way street, and we in Scotland have plenty of sights which other people want to come visit.  Tourists from other EU countries spent about £800 million in Scotland in 2014 which is around 40% of total international visitor spend.[2]




The EU also guarantees rights to healthcare across the EU for you and your family.  If you travel to another EU country on holiday and you fall ill or have an accident, thanks to the EU's cross border Health Care Rules and the European Health Insurance Card, you are guaranteed medical assistance on the same terms as locals.  This includes immediate and clinically necessary state-funded treatment, care for pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity care.[3]  This protects us from potentially astronomical medical bills which can be faced when travelling in other parts of the world. 

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