TTIP is worrying me, why would I want to stay in the EU?


Because at its heart the EU is a democratic organisation and TTIP, when we see its final form, can be rejected.  We in Scotland have a problem that David Cameron is not representing the views of the Scottish people in the European Council on this matter but this is not due to Scotland’s membership of the EU.

The Parliament has a vote which is binding; without the MEPs agreement it will not be enacted.

The SNP MEPs  have set out clear red lines and we will not compromise upon them.  The NHS and other public services must be clearly carved out, European standards must not be compromised and corporations must not be given any special rights to sue governments that pursue policies they disagree with.

We also can't see any scenario where voting to leave the EU over TTIP would actually make our situation better.

Within the EU, we have the power, via your six MEPs, to build alliances with other Member States to chip away at TTIP as it is negotiated.  The Scottish Government does not have a veto because only a Member State Government can do this in the Council.

And therein lies our problem.  The process is opaque because that is how the Member State Governments decided they wanted it to be.

Outside the EU, one of the few certainties is that we face a Tory Government at Westminster with an arithmetic majority in the House of Commons until 2020.  Given that this very same UK Government has been TTIP's biggest cheerleader, it seems entirely likely that, unfettered by EU norms or process, Scotland will be signed up to TTIP on stilts in short order and that there will be even less we can do about it.  And, depending upon the outcome of any EU-exit negotiations (so a very big caveat) it is likely that TTIP will in any event impact upon the UK even in the (highly unlikely) scenario that the UK Government didn't want it to, by virtue of the single market rules.

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